This module contains a generic interface for systems (environments) as well as concrete systems as realizations of the former


  • All vectors are treated as of type [n,]

  • All buffers are treated as of type [L, n] where each row is a vector

  • Buffers are updated from bottom to top


GridWorld(dims, terminal_state)

A simple 2-dimensional grid world with five actions: left, right, up, down and do nothing.

Sys3WRobot(*args, **kwargs)

System class: 3-wheel robot with dynamical actuators.

Sys3WRobotNI(*args, **kwargs)

System class: 3-wheel robot with static actuators (the NI - non-holonomic integrator).

SysInvertedPendulum(*args, **kwargs)

System class: mathematical pendulum

SysInvertedPendulumPD(*args, **kwargs)

System(sys_type, dim_state, dim_input, …)

Interface class of dynamical systems a.k.a. environments.

System2Tank(*args, **kwargs)

Two-tank system with nonlinearity.